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Advertisement (Реклама)
Advertising is the engine of commerce. The advertisement is necessary nowadays in the conditions of free economic market and concurrence. There are a lot of companies and firms, which are not very different in their production or service. The production is the same, the concurrence is increasing, and that is why the advertisement is important for a company to stand out against other firms. Besides the advertisement is the means so inform people about new products oк services of a company.

There are different types of the advertisement. For example we can divide the advertisements by its purpose. There are commercial advertisement and social advertisement. By-turn the commercial advertisement may represent a new product of a firm in purpose to sell this product or the advertisement may represent the company itself to make its own style and to be recognized among the consumers.

Another division of the types of the advertisement is by its means. I mean, there are TV and radio advertisement, advertisement in newspapers, magazines and in internet and advertisement on posters in the street and in transport. All these types are successful, there are a lot of people, who watch TV, listen to the radio and read the advertisements in transport.

Further the advertisement itself is the business and this business is very profitable. A lot of radio-stations, tv-programs and especially internet-sites are living at the coast of the advertisement, which is given by different firms to bring the information to the people, who use this or that resource for work, entertaining or simply information.

To my mind the most influential advertisement is that on TV. Because only on TV the advertiser can use all the tools to make an attractive commercial. There are a lot of people, who watch TV and they inevitably watch the advertisement.

Further I think advertisement in the subway is successful. There are a lot of people who use underground railway and when they have nothing to read, they can turn their attention to the posters on walls of a coach.

I am not very influenced by the advertisement. I watch TV very seldom, I use other types of the advertisement only to get information which is interesting for me. And sometimes I read posters in subway only to have some little entertaining in a coach.

I think now there are not many people who are influenced by advertisement. There is too much advertisement around us nowadays, that people avoid to take it in.
Языки иностранные: английский, немецкий » Топики. Английский » СМИ » Advertisement (Реклама)
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