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A visit to a doctor (Визит к доктору)
As for me, I was ill, let me remember, maybe five years ago, I kept my bed for a week, but no doctor was called. And my last visit to a doctor I can't remember, so let me tell you about my friend.

One day I came to him and saw him look very bad. I advised him to go to see a doctor. My friend said that he hadn't been feeling well for some time. He had lost his appetite and he didn't sleep very well. He had rather a bad cough that he couldn't get rid of, and a pain in his chest sometimes when he breathes.

Doctor advised my friend to have a thorough examination. The doctor saw his tongue and said that his stomach is a little out of order, then the checked his pulse, it was all right. Then the doctor asked my friend to unfasten his coat and shirt and listened to his heart and chest. Doctor asked the friend if he smoked a lot. My friend answered that he did. The doctor advised him to cut down the smoking for some time.
Then the doctor said that there was nothing serious the matter with my friend, but he was rather run down and needed rest. The doctor gave him a bottle of medicine that would help, advised him to eat plenty of good food, have no cigarettes, and drink plenty of milk. To have plenty of fresh air, of sleep, to change a surrounding.

The holiday worked wonders, and soon my friend was as fit as a fiddle.

I've got a cold. I can't stop sneezing and my nose is runny.
I've got flu. I've got a temperature, my whole body aches, and I feel awful.
I've twisted my ankle. It hurts when I walk on it.
I've got diarrhea. I keep going to the toilet.
I've got a sore throat. My glands are swollen, and it hurts when I swallow.
I've got food poisoning. I keep be sick, and I've got diarrhea.

I didn't feel very well.
I phoned the doctors surgery and made an appointment.
I went to the surgery and saw the doctor.
I explained what was wrong.
She took my temperature and examined me.
She told me I had an infection.
She gave me a prescription.
I went to the chemists, paid the prescription and got some antibiotics.
After a few days I started to feel better.
Языки иностранные: английский, немецкий » Топики. Английский » Здоровье » A visit to a doctor (Визит к доктору)
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